The Little Pink EP

by Summer Beard

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Billy Collins and Sam Freund are Summer Beard. Recorded in the Shak in Watertown, MA.


released May 13, 2017

Recorded and engineered by Pat Fahey, produced by Summer Beard and Pat Fahey.

Cover art by Nathan Wright.



all rights reserved


Summer Beard Boston, Massachusetts

Sam Freund & Billy Collins: Drums/Git

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Track Name: Waiting for the Big Bang
it's been seven weeks and seven days since the fall of god
i saw a fire in the milky way
a shadow voiced seemed to speak and say
you're going to feel a golden arrow, whether you want it or now

my mother she taught me how to love and i was so good in the beginning
if it weren't for all those lessons i was made to learn
and all the bad dreams that i had in return
i wouldn't have to sell my soul tomorrow while the spirit is so goddamn hot

where's all those men and girls who screamed for some long and forgone messiah
you better hope that he is coming soon
because in the distance like a blood-red moon
i see the swell of man going to fall like some fat baby from the womb

i don't want to die young, we don't have to take this sitting easy
there's still an old friend i have yet to reach
there's still the calling of some untamed, wanton beast
there's still the love of my mother and that's something i never forgot
Track Name: Oyster
she said to wait til the end of the summer
but i can't put the thought off one more day
they said "if you want to pull the plug it's within your rights to, she's not coming out of persistent vegetative state"
but i think i'll wait til the end of the summer
august was her birthday and she would have liked to have seen it
it takes a certain kind of toughness to deal with the subconscious
especially when you're all drugged up
a very difficult choice to make

wake up, wake up
you don't have to go away
you can stay in bed a little longer
wake up, wake up
you can push the needle even closer
build a shell around you

but i think i'll wait til the end of the summer
i think i'll wait, i think i'll wait
you know the man in the mask is always going to ask for someone you love too soon
but we can make him wait
Track Name: Mississippi Whiskey
mississippi water burns hotter than a spot on the sun
mississippi drinking and i'm thinking about the bad things that i done
hard habits keep on catching up to me
they're dragging me down
but its so hard to stay clean with mississippi whiskey all around

playing bojangles and the neighbors are banging on the door
uncle mike passed out with his arm around the dog on the floor
me and my friends we're gonna bust some heads
and act real drunk for a while
just bringing good times and mississippi whiskey back in style

mississippi makes good whiskey
makes my heart beat real loud
brown and spicy
damn good for me
take that bottle, pass it round